Pet Surgery

Otterside Animal Hospital excels in pet surgery. Our skilled veterinary team ensures precise and compassionate surgical interventions to promote your pet’s swift recovery and overall well-being.

A dog with a cone around its neck
A dog with a cone around its neck

Entrust Your Pet’s Care to Otterside Animal Hospital

Choosing Otterside Animal Hospital for your pet surgery means entrusting your pet’s surgical care to a team dedicated to excellence. Our commitment to precision, compassion, and comprehensive post-operative care reflects our passion for promoting the health and well-being of your furry family members.

Our veterinary team emphasizes preventive measures and education to minimize the risk of future injuries.


Swift and Accurate Interventions

In urgent situations or cases requiring immediate attention, our pet surgery services ensures swift and accurate interventions. Our veterinary team understands the importance of timely surgical care in promoting healing, minimizing pain, and preventing complications associated with injuries.

Pain Management and Comfort

Ensuring your pet’s comfort and well-being during and after surgery is a top priority. Our comprehensive approach to pet surgery includes effective pain management strategies. We tailor pain relief protocols to each pet’s individual needs, promoting a comfortable recovery process.

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