Pet In-House Pharmacy

Otterside Animal Hospital features a convenient in-house pharmacy, ensuring quick access to prescribed medications for your pets. Our well-stocked pharmacy provides a seamless and efficient solution for your pet’s pharmaceutical needs.

A dog holding a pill
A dog standing on a table with a doctor in the background

Elevating Pet Care with Our
In-House Pharmacy

Otterside Animal Hospital for your pet’s pharmaceutical needs means choosing a facility that prioritizes convenience, quality, and expertise. Our in-house pharmacy is an essential component of our commitment to providing the highest standard of care for your furry family members.

This on-site facility is designed to meet the pharmaceutical needs of your pets, offering a seamless and efficient solution for obtaining prescribed medications.

Tailored Medication Dispensing

Our veterinary team takes a personalized approach to your pet’s health, and this extends to medication dispensing. The in-house pharmacy allows us to dispense medications in precise dosages tailored to your pet’s weight, condition, and specific health needs. This level of customization ensures that your pet receives the right amount of medication for their treatment.

Efficient Prescription Refills

If your pet requires ongoing medication, our in-house pharmacy streamlines the prescription refill process. During your visit, you can easily request and pick up refills, eliminating the need for additional stops or waiting periods. This efficiency is especially valuable for managing chronic conditions that require consistent medication.

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